Gavin Jones

Technical Director

I have been involved in the telecommunications industry for almost 2 decades and there is nothing better than giving people the joy of internet access, I absolutely love Greyton and I am so grateful to be part of this awesome community.

Monique Jones


Since moving to Greyton in November 2020, I have fallen in love with the beautiful town of Greyton and its amazing people. Being in the background of Lightspeed Wireless and dealing with the accounts and the teams schedule has led me to get to know the wonderful villagers even more.

Philip Laatz

Field Technician

Living in Greyton and being a part of Lightspeed Wireless has been an awesome experience for me. I absolutely enjoy bringing Greyt internet to my fellow Greytonians, and in the process I get to meet a lot of amazing people. I look forward to meeting you!

Tyler Vickery

Lead Support (Remote)

I've always been passionate about technology and how it works, I’m glad to be in an environment where I am involved with the latest technology. I love keeping clients happy and do all I can to assist when needed.